Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lots of Play Time...

Carson has been doing lots of playing lately. We attended out last baseball game this past weekend and took Carson with us. We tried to take him when he was younger but the noise scared him. This time he had a blast. He watched everyone around him and didn't get upset even once.

Getting ready to leave for the game

At the stadium

Carson and Daddy. (Look at his lips)

He's cutting 3 teeth right now so he's doing a lot of lip sucking.

Carson and Gee

Papa turned his hat around.

Carson and Papa watching the game.

Carson dicovered the newspapers underneath the couch.
He crawled under and pulled them out. He had so much fun playing with them.

Gee (Ryan's mom ) just bought this tunnel for him. He wasn't real sure of it at first. It kindof scared him. We put one of his bears in their and he went in after it.
After that he was back and forth.

This isn't the best expression but you can see his bottom two teeth.

At this point he was tired and ready to go eat dinner.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Carson has been up to...

Carson has been very busy these past few weeks. I know there's a lot of pictures but I wanted to capture all his moments.

He has discovered the baby gates and thinks they are a new toy.

He loves the sofa. It's becoming his new "chew" toy.

Getting ready for his first day of school.

He's learned to crawl under the chairs of the kitchen table.

Eating his cereal puffs. He's getting good at getting them in his mouth. Although Elmo loves it when he drops them on the floor.

Playing with his pooh bear.

Trying to get the camera. Everytime he sees it he makes a mad dash after it.


As you can see he's been a very busy boy. He's done well at school although he got sick the first week. He caught a cold which turned into a double ear infection. It's been a rough couple of weeks with illnesses. Hopefully we're on the better side of it now and he can return to school.
He's starting to try to stand on his own. He lets go for a few seconds then falls but he's trying so hard. Who knows we may have a walker sooner than we expected!