Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm So Cool

Carson has always loved playing with my sunglasses so I finally got some for him. At first he enjoyed chewing on them and playing with them but then he finally figured out how to put them on and he wasn't taking them off. He ran all over the house with them on and even did a little shopping...

Taking bunny and dog shopping

Sunday, May 23, 2010

At Reunion Pool

We took Carson to our pool today since he had so much fun yesterday. The water was really cold but he toughed it out. We got him some fish to play with in the water and he would throw them, then run in the water to catch them.

Gotta get my fish.

Time for a snack.

Hi Mommy!

Getting ready to eat lunch.

We ordered lunch from the clubhouse and had a picnic pool side.

We had a great day at the pool. We were there for 2 hours then Carson went home and took a 3 1/2 hour nap. I definitely think we have a water baby.

Gee and Papa...Are you there?

Tonight I asked Carson, "Where is Gee and Papa?" He immediately ran over to the phone and started pointing. I gave him the phone and he started pushing buttons and "calling" them.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

So much fun at Tiffany's

Mom and I drove to Chattanooga today to visit my cousin Tiffany and Aunt Linda. Carson got to play in the pool and the big tractor. It was his first time in the swimming pool this year and he couldn't wait. As soon as we finished lunch he was ready.

The water was a little cool but it didn't stop him.

He really enjoyed this raft. He kept jumping on it like it was a slip n slide.

Carson has an obsession with stairs...UP and DOWN

My aunt Linda was showing him how to jump off the side into my arms

Now he's doing it all by himself - NO FEAR!

Playing on the big tractor

Carson and Jeff checking out the dog (or as Carson would say woof woof)

(This looks more like a horse)
Today was a very enjoyable day hanging out with family.
We can't wait to go back when baby Gray is born.

Just Chillin...

I think Carson has been watching daddy relaxing on the couch...

Carson's newest thing is trying to climb into his highchair when it's time to eat

...And of course he still loves the fridge

Monday, May 17, 2010


Carson loves shoes. Whenever we say "put your shoes on" he runs to the changing table and pulls out all his shoes. When we try to take them off, he gets mad.

He has recently discovered my shoes. (Thank heaven they aren't my high heels)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What A Difference A Year Makes

A year ago we took Carson to his first baseball game, he was 4 months old. Here he is with daddy getting ready to go in.

Carson didn't enjoy the baseball games last year, we only took him to 3 and one of those we only lasted 15 minutes because he was crying the whole time. We later figured out that was the start of all his problems with his ears and the noise really bothered him.
We've now been to 2 games this year and he has so much fun. We get there a little early so he can run and play in the field and check out the bouncies. They have one bouncie for small children and the man let Carson try it out all by himself. He loves to watch "Chopper", the mascot and claps every time the crowd cheers. He's really getting the hang of it.
Daddy and Carson checking out the bouncies

Here is Carson crawling into the bouncie.

Daddy watching him from the outside

This is FUN!

Walking with Daddy and Gee

When do I get to be a big boy and go in there?

Catch me if you can....

Sitting in the seat like a Big Boy

Enjoying my fries and juice

What a difference a year makes!!!!